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Due to the large number of nucleotide sequences deposited at the GenBank database, adequate classification of these data is essential in order to make information useful for those who need it. In some instances, acquiring  information on a given organism may be impeded because it is incorrectly placed in the taxonomy. The Dimorphic Basidiomycetes Web Project, in collaboration with GenBank, is promoting a discussion forum on the GenBank classification system. The ideas behind this initiative are twofold: (i) the GenBank classification system can be improved and (ii) scientists involved in the systematics of Dimorphic Basidiomycetes should give some sort of organized input to the GenBank system. We welcome and will put online contributions with proposals for changes or comments on proposed changes.  

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The GenBank taxonomy project welcomes input from mycological specialists on all aspects of basidiomycete taxonomy, from correction of spelling errors, to misidentified source organisms for individual sequences, to classification at all ranks. We are especially interested in suggestions for improved classification at the familial, ordinal and class level that incorporates data from recent molecular and morphological analyses. In your comments, please include relevant references to published analyses. Comments and suggestions based on unpublished data will be considered, but are difficult to evaluate unless data can be referenced in some way. We would like to emphasize that proposed changes in classification be based on a consensus of opinion among specialists, and that they include support from several independent sources. 


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