Welcome to the Dimorphic Basidiomycetes Web project. It is our purpose to provide a series of Internet pages dedicated to the Systematics, Ecology and Evolution of dimorphic basidiomycetes. The main goals of this project are to disseminate in-depth knowledge about this group of organisms and to present and discuss new ideas related to them.

Since, at least in some cases, dimorphic basidiomycetes are studied by somewhat unrelated researchers (e.g., some phytoparasitic species are dealt with only by specialist mycologists, irrespective of the fact that their closest relatives are not plant parasites), we would like to contribute to bridge the gap between both the organisms and the scientists who study them. We hope that, in the future, other authors will contribute to this project either by sending their comments and criticisms or by preparing contributions to be added to this site.

Another important goal of this project is to provide a means to find clear and accessible taxon-specific information and therefore to help both specialists and non-specialists to understand the classification of dimorphic basidiomycetes.

June 2002

José Paulo Sampaio and Álvaro Fonseca