Sporidiobolus longiusculus sp. nov. and Sporobolomyces patagonicus sp. nov., two new yeasts of the Sporidiobolales isolated from aquatic environments in Patagonia, Argentina. Libkind et al.

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Phylogenetic tree

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  Figure Legend. Phylogenetic placement of Sporidiobolus longiusculus and Sporobolomyces patagonicus within the Sporidiobolales based on Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis of an alignment of complete ITS sequences. Numbers on branches are estimates for a posteriori probabilities, i.e., probabilities that the respective groups are monophyletic given the alignment (values lower than 50% are not shown). The topology was rooted with Rhodotorula glutinis and Rh. mucilaginosa. Names in boldface correspond to the organisms described in this report. GenBank accession numbers of the sequences are indicated after strain numbers.




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