What's new?

5 January 2006
The B. stevensii page has been replaced to correct a small error.


24 February 2005
Botryosphaeria australis is now included in the key and descriptions.


24 February 2005
I have modified the page on B. melanops to take into account new information on this species.


29 September 2004
Two more species (F. vitifusiforme and F. vitclavatum) have been added to the key and descriptions of these have been added.


31 March 2004
Two more species (Diplodia pinea and B. ribis) have been added to the key and the descriptions.  The description of B. lutea has been modified and some pictures of the yellow pigment have been included.


15 January 2004
The key has been updated and two more species (B. rhodina and B. corticola) added to the descriptions.


18 December 2003
I have removed Botryosphaeria populi from these pages since it is now clear that this is a synonym of B. dothidea


21 May 2003
The descriptions of B. stevensii and its anamorph have been revised and new pictures are presented.  These descriptions are based mainly on studies of the type specimens.


3 September 2002
Some notes on the anamorph name for B. obtusa and a description of Botryospaheria mamane were added.


25 July 2002
The first phase is complete and ready for posting on the web. We aim to update these pages whenever new information becomes available.  One of the first tasks will be to prepare PDF files of the descriptions of the species.  This is already developing well and these will soon be available.  This will be followed by further species descriptions together with updates to the key, and the addition of more literature references.